GK series horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge
GKF series clean horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge
GKC series wall-mounted clean aseptic scraper unloading automatic centrifuge
GKH series siphon horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge
HR series horizontal double-stage piston pusher automatic centrifuge
HY series horizontal single-stage piston pusher centrifuge
LW series horizontal spiral sedimentation automatic centrifuge
LWL series horizontal spiral filter automatic centrifuge

New and old customers and friends:
How are you! Realize the value of customer is always the starting point and goal of Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang City's development and growth, can not do without your support and help, in this, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and highest respect for the same time, look forward to your continuing right to...


Hard work:Outstanding products come from
constantly improvement, each of our product is our most sincere dedication, is the expression of our perfect service.
Technology: Limitless technology, limitless
innovation, We seek for success and outstanding achievement, Yongda is striving to buils its glory and dream in competitive market.


Selection of proposals:
The user in selecting centrifuge should be fully taken into account the use of centrifuge occasions,the use of temperature,material properties and other factors,to achieve the anticipated results.Selection should consider the following key aspects:
1. anti-corrosion properties:the material separated by centrifuge generally have a certain corrosive...

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