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Golf Professionals of America Players Association - GPAPA

The Future of Golf Professionals

The GPAPA is open to all PGA and LPGA Golf Club Professionals in the United States. Our mission is to help the PGA Club Professional through all aspects of the business of golf by developing, selling and marketing their collective sponsorship properties for their financial benefit.

Our Core Belief

We believe that the 28,000 Golf Club Professionals can add additional value to brands that are interested in reaching a market previously untapped for commercial value. The GPAPA is designed to represent brands (as brand ambassador like the PGA Tour players) in a respectful, tasteful, natural and informed manner through all personal marketing platforms.

The GPAPA will identify, design, value, market and facilitate turnkey sponsorship platforms for Association members using elements unique to them as well as those broadly used by many club professionals.

Membership Benefits

Never before has anyone collected the power of the Golf Club Professional! It is time for this group of Professionals to be recognized for the additional value they add to their club, their communities, and their networks.

Each member of the GPAPA brings an extraordinary opportunity for sponsors to capitalize on his/her connections. We are designed in a way Several Fortune 200 companies have expressed commitment to supporting these Professionals in a way that has not existed for them.

We also have digital and social platforms that enable content to be delivered in a personalized way. Currently under development are the development of professional profiles, financial services for health care and planning and discounts for products through increased purchasing power of this organization. Learn more.

Sponsorship Model

Membership is designed to recoup 100% of the PGA Professional's annual fees, and in most cases, significantly exceed them. Revenue is achieved by targeted local marketing efforts and participation in the Golf Professionals of America Players Association Sponsorship Program. Learn more.

Online Branding for Marketing Professionals

The GPAPA is committed to building professional golfer brands through the use of expertly crafted digital marketing. Members will access to a multitude of online marketing tools they can easily incorporate into their GPAPA websites and their client newsletters.

Creating a professional online presence, and providing long-term support with professionally created content, videos, and local marketing strategies. This will contribute to the golf professional's brand, and ROI, in a manner that is as economical as it is effective. See samples.

Join The GPAPA Today!

The GPAPA is for PGA and LPGA Members
The GPAPA creates value for the Individual Club Professional:

Personal Brand
  • Custom-designed turnkey sponsorship program
  • Professionally prepared bio and resume
  • Professionally prepare LinkedIn profile
  • Customized monthly newsletter
Marketing Brand
  • Customized quarterly “special edition” newsletter
  • Create a more valuable brand for future employment
  • Unlock the collective power of local golf professionals
  • Empower local professionals to be influencers
  • Provide a country-wide grassroots network that delivers national strength and local results
Economic Brand
  • Recoup 100% of your annual dues
  • Opportunity to earn incrementally above the value of their annual dues payment through sponsorship sales
  • Member professionals have “profit sharing” of all sponsorship sales

Learn more, and join the GPAPA today!

“The GPAPA will build value for the club professional who in turn grows the game of golf “ 

-Jim Bender
Ardsley Country Club
"I am looking forward to leveraging my network to increase the value of the game of golf."

-Bob Rittberger
Garden City
Golf Club

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