Membership Benefits

GPAPA Membership Benefits

MLB, the NFL, and the NHL all have one thing in common: Their players are represented by a Players Association. Over 28,000 golf professionals in the US do not have representation to value their collective member benefits.

Until now.

The Golf Professionals of America Players Association (GPAPA) was founded to give these people, the heart and soul of the game of golf, an opportunity to leverage their passion, and lifelong commitment to promoting the game. The GPAPA will provide members recognition and representation in all aspects regarding the business of golf.
  • PGA Club Professionals will be able to develop, sell, and market collective sponsorship properties, as well as create and market their local brands under the guidance and experience of the GPAPA.
  • The GPAPA is designed to represent as brand ambassador (like PGATour players do) brands in a respectful, tasteful, natural and informed manner through all personal marketing platforms.
  • The GPAPA is a membership based sports marketing representation association for the PGA Club Professionals who become members.
  • The GPAPA is structured to generate tangible financial benefit for its membership through participatory sponsorship.
  • The GPAPA is developed and designed to attain commercial revenue directly attributable to its members that are among the 28,000 members of the PGA of America using their collective individual marketing rights.
  • The GPAPA will identify, design, value, market and facilitate turnkey sponsorship platforms for the association using specific elements of each participating Club Professional.
GPAPA membership is designed, structured, implemented and managed to recoup 100% of the member's annual dues. In most cases, members will incrementally exceed their annual dues through sponsorship sales. Unlike most players associations, the GPAPA will have "profit sharing," for all members, of sponsorship sales.

The Golf Professionals of America Players Association Serves the Club Professional Exclusively

The primary difference between the philosophy of the PGA and the GPAPA is that the PGA assumes the critical task of growing the PGA brand and promoting present and future interest in the game of golf.

While this is essential for the game, PGA Club Professionals experience a trickle-down economic business model for their financial earnings.

The Professional Golf of America Players Association adds additional depth to the marketing efforts of the local PGA Professional. Instead of having revenue based on the overall promotion of the "the game," the GPAPA will target the PGA Club Professional’s brand, stature, and income.

By representing the PGA players nationwide, on a local level, interest in golf will grow - this detailed target marketing strategy is something the PGA of America is unable to provide.

Our marketing strategy will not only improve the revenues of the PGA professional, but the efforts of the GPAPA will significantly assist the PGA in its goals of promoting the game of golf.

Additional GPAPA Benefits

The GPAPA benefits the golf professional with ability to create a more valuable brand for future employment and significant revenue streams not available for them today. GPAPA Membership unlocks the power of the unified local golf professional to deliver a single marketing platform and consumer pipeline for supporting brands.

Health Care Benefits

Health care today is rapidly changing. Ever escalating costs, higher deductibles, new more complicated rules, etc. Questions you need to know the answers to:
  • How long does COBRA last?
  • Is my 25-year-old still covered, should I get an exchange policy?
  • Is my doctor in the network?
  • Can I go out of network?
  • Am I entitled to a subsidy
  • Who do I call when I have a problem?
  • And more.
At the GPAPA, we understand how confusing the health insurance landscape has become.  To that end, we have created a healthcare option for our members that we believe will help you answer those questions and provide you the coverage you need when you become a member of the GPAPA.

We empower local professionals to be influencers in their own market on behalf of marketing partners and provide a country-wide grassroots network that delivers national strength and local results.

“The GPAPA will build value for the club professional who in turn grows the game of golf “

-Jim Bender
Ardsley Country Club
"I am looking forward to leveraging my network to increase the value of the game of golf."

-Bob Rittberger
Garden City
Golf Club
Annual Membership - By Invitation Only

Please visit our Join Us page to sign up for Zero-Cost Membership.

  • Class I Annual Membership - Class I membership is best suited for PGA and LPGA Head Professionals, Lead Instructors, or Directors of Golf at your club.
  • Class II Annual Membership - Class II membership is best suited for PGA and LPGA Assistant Professionals, in any capacity at your club.

Please contact us if you have any questions about GPAPA annual memberships. All major credit cards accepted.

"I am looking forward to leveraging my network to increase the value of the game of golf."

-Bob Rittberger
Garden City
Golf Club
“The GPAPA will build value for the club professional who in turn grows the game of golf.“  

-Jim Bender
Ardsley Country Club
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