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Join the GPAPA now, and start generating automatic revenue with email and our online magazine, which is customized for you. See an actual magazine from another GPAPA Member..
GPAPA Online Magazine

GPAPA Personal E-Newsletters

Your personal E-mail Blast will introduce and notify your audience to your monthly online magazine.

The GPAPA is committed to building professional golfer brands through the use of expertly crafted digital marketing. Members will access to a multitude of online marketing tools they can easily incorporate into their GPAPA websites and their client newsletters.

Creating a professional online presence, and providing long-term support with professionally created content, videos, and local marketing strategies. This will contribute to the golf professional's brand, and ROI, in a manner that is as economical as it is effective.

Sample GPAPA E-Mail Blast

"I am looking forward to leveraging my network to increase the value of the game of golf."

-Bob Rittberger
Garden City
Golf Club
“The GPAPA will build value for the club professional who in turn grows the game of golf.“  

-Jim Bender
Ardsley Country Club
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