Q: Why did you create the GPA Players Association (GPAPA)? 
A: In speaking with club pros throughout the country, we found that there was an unmet need to provide them with an opportunity to leverage their collective marketing power and therefore, have them share in the sponsorship and marketing value they possess.

Q: Why can't I just start my own website and newsletter and accomplish the same thing?
A: By joining together with other like-minded pros, we are able to go directly to corporate sponsors and in turn, send a profit sharing check back to those participating pros.  Sponsors aren't interested in dealing with one pro at a time.

Q: If I get local businesses to advertise in my magazine, do I have to share the profit with the GPAPA?
A: No!  Whatever income you are able to create by using the magazine is yours to keep.  We expect that using the magazine will increase your shop sales and lessons as well.

Q: Can I move up to anther Class?
A: Yes.  If your situation changes during the year, simply complete the Member Assessment when you renew and so long as you have enough points based on our algorithm, you can move up.

Q: Are advertisers really interested in this platform?
A: Yes. This is an exciting new pathway to reaching valuable consumers and early dialogue relative to the GPAPA has been very positive.

Q: What if I can’t wear a logo or provide any brand exposure at my club?
A: We recognize that some pros can’t accommodate personal branding due to their club’s rules, and this is factored into the value metrics presented to advertisers.

Q: What do you need from me each month to satisfy my membership commitment?
A: We need you to keep your individual database e-mail addresses up-to-date and to continue to wear partner-branded apparel (if applicable). Content submissions for the magazine are optional. If you are submitting content, please follow the guidelines to insure that your article/video will be compatible with the magazine production values/parameters.

Q: I’m worried sending e-mails and digital magazines to my members will be perceived as intrusive or conflict with club rules, have you encountered this with other pros?
A: We’re all aware of certain pros who have been sending compelling content to their members and networks for years which has been perceived as valuable and elevated their stature and marketability overall. A few have achieved national recognition and celebrity status in cases. Our goal is to help all of our members benefit from this elevated personal branding and exposure by creating the content for you for your network and then leveraging its consumer value with advertisers. We are branding you individually (vs. your club) so club rules shouldn’t conflict.

Q: How are the profits split?
A: Profits are split based on membership level.

"I am looking forward to leveraging my network to increase the value of the game of golf."

-Bob Rittberger
Garden City
Golf Club
“The GPAPA will build value for the club professional who in turn grows the game of golf “

-Jim Bender
Ardsley Country Club
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